Moving to Mexico? Explore Baja Properties in Los Barriles

A 45-minute drive north of the Los Cabos airport, where the highway meets the Sea of Cortez, about 1,000 Mexicans share residence with another 1,000 or so Americans and Canadians. The town is Los Barriles and it has become a very special place for those wanting to retire in Mexico or looking for a vacation property away from the rapid pace of the North.

The village contains a growing number of amenities, including dozens of restaurants, four large grocery stores, hardware stores - all the things a small town should have. What has drawn people to live in Los Barriles, or even to come and visit the two beachfront hotels, is the sport fishing in the bountiful waters of the Sea of Cortez as well as the winter water sports.

Los Barriles is among the best sites in the world for windsurfing and kite boarding. There are miles of mountain trails for hiking or biking into the vast desert landscape. Aside from all the amenities and activities that could be listed, there's a special quality of life here where the desert meets the ocean, and it eludes description. It could be the climate or the air or maybe the diversity of people that we call our neighbors. Whatever it may be, it's why so many of us have called this place home.

The land in Baja, Mexico is one of the most interesting and diverse geological areas of the world and is still very much a frontier. The peninsula is home to some of the earth's most beautiful deserts, along with semi-tropical and mountainous regions, pine forests, and hundreds of miles of untouched beaches and coastline. Los Barriles can be characterized by its green mountains and vast arroyos flowing to the sea. Lining these waterways are dense desert forests of drought-resistant native plant species. Contrasting these forests are large stands of palms, banana groves and colorful bougainvilleas supported by oasis spring waters.

Acquire Your Own Sea of Cortez Property

Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro developments are in the middle of this remarkable biodiversity, nestled at the base of the highest mountain in Los Barriles, Rancho Cerro Mountain, and bordered on the north by Arroyo San Bartolo.

Only three minutes from Los Barriles with vistas of the Sea of Cortez and the magnificent Sierra de La Laguna Mountains, Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro have heavily wooded lots with plenty of green space and many lots have views in all directions. To the south and west are wooded hills with granite rock outcroppings, and to the north the magnificently peaceful arroyo spanning 1/4 mile across.

Secluded yet convenient, Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro developments provide quiet starry vistas of the famous night skies of Baja.

When fully developed, our low-density developments will contain large lots with views and privacy for all. We have attempted to bring you some pictures on this site to try to capture the stunning beauty and serenity of Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro, but we would like to be your guide one day and show you the area in person. Contact us today for information on your Baja real estate choices.

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