Information You Need to Purchase Baja Real Estate

Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro are dedicated to providing our homeowners with the ideal Baja property on which to live, play and work. As with most Mexican real estate development companies, we follow a variety of guidelines to ensure the comfort and safety of every Monte Bello property owner. The documents to your right will spotlight the covenants, conditions and restrictions you need to know before purchasing a vacation property in the development.

In addition, buying Mexican real estate can be a much different process than purchasing investment property in the U.S. or Canada. Our Public Offering Statement and Fideicomiso international real estate documents will provide basic overviews about working with Mexico realty and trust companies.

CC&Rs Article Links

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Overviews of the Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro communities, including association property information, maintenance funds, general provisions and construction regulations.

View Monte Bello CC&Rs
View Rancho Cerro CC&R's

Buying Real Estate in Mexico Through a Bank Trust (Fideicomiso)

Recommendations for working with a bank trust when purchasing Baja properties.
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Bylaws of Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro Homeowners Associations

When you purchase a lot from Monte Bello, you automatically become a member in our Homeowner's Association. Learn more about our current bylaws.

View Monte Bello bylaws
View Rancho Cerro bylaws

Public Offering Statement

To help you decide if purchasing investment property in Mexico is right for you, read over restrictions and guidelines for a common-interest community.
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Semarnat / Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro List of Sensitive Plant Material

Find out which native plants are protected under Mexican law.
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Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro Lot Prices

Monte Bello and Rancho Cerro offer options for any budget. Download our current price list to learn more about your choices.

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